Our courses

The specialty coffee industry has grown at a high speed in the last 20 years and nowadays it shows a lack of qualified people.

Green coffee


At the end of this course you will be able to value the physical quality of green coffee, and you will be able to get more involved into your green coffee sourcing at origin.

Goals : 


  • knowing the coffee journey from the tree to the jute bags
  • discovering the processing methods at origin
  • analyzing green coffee, valuing its physical quality and detecting the green coffee defects
  • roasting and evaluating green coffee sample according to SCA protocols
  • understanding the logistics and warehousing of green coffee
  • learning about green coffee contracts’ negotiation



At the end of this course you will be able to design a roast profile and will have all necessary expertise to start your roasting facility.

Goals : 


  • understanding the environment of a roasting facility
  • learning the basics of roasting and its parameters
  • understanding the roasting phases
  • designing a roast profile according to targeted brewing method
  • analysing the roast quality and identifying the roast defects
  • learning about the set-up of a roasting unit



At the end of this course you will be able to cup a speciality coffee in order to assess its sensorial quality and describe its cup profile, following the SCA protocol.

Goals : 


  • learning about green coffee physical evaluation
  • learning about sample roasting according to SCA protocol
  • learning about sensorial evaluation of coffee
  • identifying green coffee and roasting defects
  • learning and identifying coffee aromas
  • assessing the major attributes of coffee : Acidity, Body, Sweetness, and bitterness

Our courses are available at our Barcelone (Spain) facitlity. They are led by a Authorized SCA Trainer in sensory skills, Q-Grader certifies, green coffee buyer, and co-founder of Esperanza Café.


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