A nice gift card, ready to use.

Choose your gift card, we take care of the rest! Your loved one goes to esperanzacafe.com and uses its unique code to buy what he or she wants.

Perfect for

A little delight

35 €

Enough for 3 deliveries of coffee

Awesome for

A coffee lover

75 €

Enough for 6 deliveries of coffee

Ideal for

A coffee addict

125 €

Enough for 10 deliveries of coffee


How to offer the gift card?

You can either print the gift card at home to give it on D-Day or send it directly by email to your loved one.

How to activate the gift card?

Your loved one goes to our website www.esperanzacafe.com and can use the credit on the gift card as he or she wishes. When checking out, just enter your unique code. We take care of the rest!

How does the gift card work?

As the prices of our subscriptions vary depending on the options, we have implemented this gift card system which works like a prepayment card. Deliveries are deducted from this credit until it is used up.

Is the gift card only valid for subscriptions?

No ! The gift card is valid for both subscriptions and our online shop.