Our specialty coffee professional classes are designed “sur-mesure” (1 or 2 trainee). Practical concepts are dominant in our educational programs.

Green Coffee

From tree to export facilities in the producing countries

Best post-harvest practices

Green coffee logistics

Green coffee contracts

Green coffee physical evaluation according to SCA protocols

Sample roasting according to SCA protocols

Green coffee sensorial evaluation according to SCA protocols

Coffee roasting

Roasting operation environment discovery

Roasting basics and parameters regulation

Roasting phases

Roast defects

Roast practices with different profiles for different preparation methods

Production roasts cuppings

Consistent roasts measurement with a colorimeter

Advises for roasting operations set up : Inventory management, equipments, etc.

Sensory skills

Specialty coffee growing regions

Green coffee analysis

Sample roasting according to SCA protocol

Coffee aromas

Balance between sweetness, acidity and body (Quality and intensity)

Sensorial analysis according to SCA protocols

Major defects (Green coffee and roast)

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Our school is hosted at the well known co-working MOB & PAU in Barcelona. Since 2011, Makers Of Barcelona has been a international reference for generating creativity and innovations.

Our classes are run by Florent Gout, Q-Grader certified of the Coffee Quality Institute, Green Coffee Buyer, and Founder of Esperanza Café.

All our classes are eligible to CPF and AIF.

Contact us to get a training program “sur-mesure”.