Coffee Maker, Wilfa Classic +, CMC-1550B


The Wilfa Classic + filter coffee maker: superb design + easy to use + technical excellence. It offers an incredible cup and is ideal for the home, office or coffee shops.

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The Wilfa Classic + combines style, elegance and quality. Just add the desired amount of freshly brewed coffee, water, press the button. And less than 5 minutes later, get 1 to 10 cups to fully enjoy! This coffee maker is full of little secrets: it tells us when it’s time to clean it + it switches off automatically after 40 minutes + it has an anti-drip system + it quickly reaches an optimal water temperature (92 -96 ° C).

• 1 liter tank
• Weight: 2.88 kg
• 1500 watts of power
• Removable filter element
• Manual drip tray
• Flow control with adjustable extraction time
• Automatic cleaning reminder
• Automatic shutdown after 40 minutes
• Hot plate with self-resistance
• Approved by European Brewing Center

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