Ethiopia, Natural, Sidama, Taramesa Cooperative

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Profil de la tasse: Notes intenses de fruits rouges. Doté d’une douceur rarement égalée, ce café vous offre un corps onctueux et crémeux qui est bien équilibré par une acidité légère et délicate.

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Parcels’ area: 1 165 hectares
Parcels’ elevation: 1 800m
Coffee varietals: 100% Arabica, Heirloom (indigenous varietal)
Process: Natural
Harvest: November to December
Foundation date: 1968
Certification: Organic
Families’ members: 2330 familles

Cup profile: Intense red fruits notes. With a spectacular sweetness, this coffee shows a juicy body well balance with a delicate acidity.

Taramesa cooperative is located in the district of Shebedino in Sidama region, about 300 kms south of Addis-Abeba. This coffee is called “natural” because right after harvesting the coffee cherries are spread on drying bed so the coffee beans will dry 25 days into the coffee cherries.


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Grains, Moulu AeroPress, Moulu espresso, Moulu filtre, Moulu italienne (moka), Moulu piston (french press)


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