Sumatra, Gayo, Permata Gayo Cooperative

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Parcels’ area: 2 600 hectares
Parcels’ elevation: 1 200 à 1 600 m
Coffee varietals: 100% Arabica, Bourbon, Catimor, Timtim
Process: Décorticage humide (wet-hulled)
Harvest: November to June
Foundation date: 2006
Certification: Organic
Membership: 2100 families, 28 villages
Cup profile: Spicy, with a creamy body and a light acidity. This coffee carries liquorice and tonka notes, and shows a lingering aftertaste.


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Grains, Moulu AeroPress, Moulu espresso, Moulu filtre, Moulu italienne (moka), Moulu piston (french press)


1kg sac BioTre avec valve, 250g sac BioTre avec valve