The origin of our coffees

Since the beginning of our journey, we have gone back to origin very often. Crop after crop, we visit coffee farms in order to build solid relationships with the producers and support their communities. We select our coffee beans, and they are all organic and fair-trade certified.



As a member of Roasters United, we directly purchase our coffee beans to small-scale farmers’ cooperatives. Our visits to origin allow us to select the best lots and to build trustful relationships with our partners on the ground. Year after year, we share our knowledge and experiences in order to improve together the coffee quality and the livelihood of coffee farmers communities. Our engagement on the ground allow us to guarantee transparency and traceability to the coffee value chain.  



Back to Saint-Denis & Barcelona, we screen every lot of green coffee with care and we design a tailor-made roast profile. The recipe varies according to the preparation the coffee is made for, espresso or brewing. It also varies according to the sensorial characteristics we want to reveal for each coffee. We roast twice a week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and we deliver the coffee to our customers within 48 hours in order to guarantee a high level of freshness. Every batch is cupped before going to the packaging line.



All our coffees are organic and fair-trade certified, SPP and WTFO. For every kg of green coffee that we purchase, we raise 0,05 eur to be invested in projects on the ground related to coffee production and soils resiliency. Once roasted, our coffees are going to the packaging line. This line is operated by workers with disability within the structure ESAT Vivre-Autrement. Our Biotré bags are made from 60% plant-based renewable resources, and 60% of the bag breaks down into compost.

Training and service


In order to make sure that our passion finds its way to your cup, we walk along with cafes owners, chefs, and baristas to provide the best recommendations related to the preparation of our coffees. We select together the coffee that is matching their taste and needs, and we offer our best tips. We also provide advices on coffee equipment and maintenance, as it is a major parameter to make a great and consistent cup of coffee.


Florent Gout

Florent comes from the ground. He has traveled to origin since 2008 in order to share experiences with coffee communities accross the world. Former green coffee buyer at Cooperative Coffees, he co-founded Esperanza Café in 2012. He also co-founded Roasters United, a collective of about 15 artisan coffee roasters in EU, he is Q-grader certified and Authorized SCA Trainer.

Stéphanie Magnani

Stéphanie is the one who create the buzz around Esperanza Café. She spreads positive energy all around, provides new perspectives, and spread the word : Coffee, but good coffee ! Co-founder of Esperanza Café, she now takes care of brand communication and does some business development.

Antoine Peron

Antoine is the head-roaster of Esperanza Café. He recalls of every single bean out of the tons of green coffee he has roasted. A cocktail of passion and precision, he designs the roast profile of every lot in order to consistently improve the quality of our coffees. He also connects with our clients-partners in order to provide his best recommendations for a great cup.

Philippe Gouttas

As a food-lover, Philippe has embarked on board in 2014. His experience, and his lovely soul are popular and very much appreciated in our community. He has allowed Esperanza Café to reach new horizons, and find new markets for our coffees, so they go closer to you day after day.

Sylviane Arvieu

Sylviane joined the crew in 2015 to “clean-up” the administrative room. Methodic and very organized, she back up the team with care and does a tremendous work in order to everyone to focus on his field of predilection.

Damien Giannoni

Damien is our coffee roaster and make a great pair with Antoine. Former sales team member at Fauchon, he has followed a coffee training (a bit randomly!). For him it has become a revelation ! Since that time, his passion for specialty coffee has flown to the roof. He spent two years in Canada and got his first experience as a coffee roaster, and we are very happy to get him onboard board in 2018.

Christopher Kergus

Christopher is a young men who loves going on the freedom road. He knows Paris area very well and this is a good news as he is our fresh coffee driver and your occasional hero. Not only an excellent driver, Christopher is always on time and always brings with him his bright smile and good mood.